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Build any kind of questionnaire

Fizz Acquisition allows you to build powerful questionnaires.

Power and flexibility for any kind of test

  • Select and combine all types of questions in your tests, from discrimination testing to multi-attribute time-intensity through to multiple choice questions.
  • Use and customize any kind of scale, include multimedia (pictures, videos, sound recordings) ...
  • Layout your questionnaires freely in your panellists’ language.

Wide test library

Free questionnaire design with combinations of all types of questions:

Experimental designs and coding

FIZZ generates your sample presentation designs and blinding codes automatically, or allows you to use your specific designs. It allows printing your sample labels.

Control over questionnaire protocol

FIZZ Network, FIZZ Web and FIZZ Portable give you total control over the on-screen test protocol:
  • forced answers,
  • timers to force waiting times,
  • conditional questions,
  • feedback (for example training or calibration compared with the panel),
  • show previous answers for semi-monadic tests,
  • and even more advanced programming for very specific tests.
  • Our programming module allows increasing possibilities to build any kind of questionnaire (conditional questions flow, flexible feedback and any advanced test ...)
  • The scanning report provided in FIZZ Forms allows you to control missing or multiple answers, invalid entry, identification problems and so on ...

Any kind of tests

List of tests available with Fizz

Descriptive profile tests Descriptive/Hedonic
Monadic, Monadic vertical, Comparative, Hierarchical
Profile, Free Profile, Flash Profile
Freely defined scale: linear, just about right, any type of category scale with boxes or buttons (for example 7 or 9 points), labeled magnitude scales, numerical input …
Possibility to add textual or numerical graduations, control scores, automatic feedback …
Choice between attributes Check All That Apply (CATA),
Matrix CATA,
Multiple-Choice Questions with check boxes or dropdown list
Hierarchical multiple-choice (Tab or Tree-view)
Hierarchical multiple-choice and scoring
Rate All That Apply (RATA),
Presented with tabs or as a Tree-view
Discrimination/Difference tests Simple or extended difference test
Triangle test
Simple / Specified Tetrad test
Paired test/2-AFC (Right/Wrong)
Two out of five
A-not A / R-index trials
Customized test
Preference test Paired test
Round Robin
Ranking By dragging/dropping samples on the rank labels or by inputting samples codes as recommended in ISO standards
Ties allowed or not
Sorting, Napping® With a square or a rectangular map
Comments Open-ended questions
Temporal methods Single or Multiple-Attribute Time-Intensity (TI/MATI)
Temporal Dominance of Sensations (TDS)
Temporal Check All That Apply (TCATA)

And more ...

Other functions available

Multimedia Pictures, Videos, Sounds
Can be static or linked and randomized with your samples
Timers, Chronometers  

Presentation designs

List of presentation designs available with Fizz

Presentation designs In order to randomise samples, but also attributes sometimes
Complete (Williams Latin Squares) or Incomplete designs (Balanced Incomplete Blocks (BIB))
Global randomisation, randomisation by blocks of samples or even, no randomisation
Possibility to use customised designs