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Analyse your collected data

Fizz Calculations is a free component of all FIZZ packages, for analyses right after the data collection.

Advanced statistics and graphics

Many advanced statistical tools are readily available, with the corresponding presentation-ready graphs.

Database information

Include information from the database in your output: characteristics of your test (project, client, ...), your samples (production date, package, brand, ...), and your judges (gender, occupation, ...).

Export - Import

You can use scripts to quickly build reports with a series of analysis outputs and graphs.
Raw data collected with FIZZ can also be exported automatically to your statistical package, or any type of spreadsheet (for example Excel) ...
You can import external data into FIZZ and do all your analysis within the Calculations module.

Statistics and graphics

List of statistics and graphics available with Fizz

Profiles Descriptive statistics, interaction graphs, product comparison graphs
Judge performance graphs and tables
Frequencies, distributions (including custom classes), box and whisker plots
Analysis of variance with various post-hoc tests (LSD, Bonferroni, Scheffé, Tukey, Duncan, Newman-Keuls, Dunnett)
All models available:
  • 1, 2 or 3-way analysis,
  • With or without interactions,
  • Fixed, Random or Mixed models
Student T-test: paired or independent, also against fixed scores
Non parametric tests: Friedman, Wilcoxon, Mann-Whitney…
Ranking, Round Robin Friedman and Page tests, Round Robin (multiple pairs)
CATA, Multiple-Choice question Counts, Frequencies, bar and pie-charts, Chi-square tests
Binomial test against a target value
Factorial Correspondence Analysis (FCA)
Discrimination tests Discrimination tests: difference (α risk), similarity tests (ß risk) and sensory difference (d-prime)
Open-ended questions Can be interactively encoded and then analysed like multiple-choice questions
Temporal methods Time-Intensity, TDS and TCATA analyses
Other advanced statistical methods Multivariate analyses, including Principal Component Analysis (PCA), cluster analysis, preference mapping (internal and external), FCA, horizontal PCA with Multiple Factor Analysis (MFA) and STATIS Penalty analysis
Options available Data selection (repetition, judge, product, attribute)
Filtering according to values included in the result file or according to judges' data stored in your database
Anonymization of products or judges' names on your graphs and tables
Export to other management tools