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Automate your data collection

Three collection modes to fit all situations:


Perfect fit for tests in your sensory lab

Result collection per predefined device


Perfect fit for home use tests, remote tests

Result collection through a judge portal or with a link


Perfect fit for tests anywhere without any hardware

Result collection on paper form


Choose FIZZ Lab for safe and efficient data collection in your sensory lab.

As its name implies, this license is optimised for use in your sensory lab. The questionnaires are sent to the selected devices from which any panelist can answer.

Get the best out of your expert panels or carry out your consumer tests efficiently in any central location test with FIZZ Lab.

FIZZ Nomad

Optimize your remote data collection with FIZZ Nomad.

Your panelists can log into the FIZZ portal to access the questionnaires you have published for them.
To collect anonymous data, FIZZ Nomad allows you to generate a link as well. Consumers can then access the questionnaire directly by clicking on the link or by scanning the corresponding QR code.

This is the ideal version for remote or point-of-sale testing.

FIZZ Forms

Prefer this version if you would like to carry out tests on paper.

Full computerization of sensory or consumer tests is not always possible: non-computerized sensory booths, home tests, test hall without internet connection...
Use FIZZ Forms for tests that can be done with just a pen and paper.

Read the questionnaires with a scanner for results available immediately.