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Automate your data collection

Four versions to fit different data collection needs:

Networked PCs

Through the Internet

Offline PCs

Fizz Network

This is the fastest and most powerful solution for on-screen tests on networked computers.
Choose this version for studies conducted in sensory and consumer test facilities.

Full control

With FIZZ Network you can run several tests at the same time:
  • Allocate different tests to be run simultaneously in different booths or consecutively in the same booth.
  • Run several tests and either let the judge choose from the list of tests, force the judge to answer a sequence of tests, or send tests in a random order.
  • Stop the terminals independently if needed.
The supervision window on the supervisor PC shows the progress of the judges in the booths.

Reliable answers, immediately

The answers collected are available immediately for analysis in FIZZ Calculations.

Fizz Web

Tests deployed with FIZZ Web can be run on any judges' or consumers' devices.
Choose this version for home use tests, tests from the desktop, remote sites, panellist recruitment ...

Easy publication and answers

  • Define your tests including multimedia product characteristics (pictures, videos, sound recordings) if needed.
  • Publish them on your FIZZ Web server.
  • Invitations with a link are sent automatically.
  • Consolidate the answers whenever you want.

Test anywhere

Reach anybody for any kind of test
  • Judges on other sites
  • Internal panellists at their desktop
  • Consumers for Home Use Tests
  • Consumers for recruitments

Fizz Portable

This is the ideal version to carry out sensory or consumer tests on offline PCs.
Choose it for interviewers, remote sites, or self-administered tests ...

Take your tests out of the lab

  • Run the same tests as in your lab, but on independent computers without the need for network or internet.
  • Deploy your test definition as an e-mail attachment or on a file server or memory stick ...
  • Simply double-click the definition file to run the test.
  • Send back the answers collected as an e-mail attachment or on a file server, a memory stick ...

Fizz Forms

Choose this version if you would like to carry out tests on paper.

Testing anywhere without any hardware

Full computerization of sensory tests is not always possible: no network or internet, no computers available (sensory booths without computers, home use tests, hall tests with many respondents ...).

Use FIZZ Forms to test simply with pen and paper.
Your paper questionnaires can combine all kinds of question types, and also include pictures as product characteristics (packaging, concepts, ...).

Fast scanning

  • A scan report gives details about missing or invalid answers.
  • The results of each scanned page are immediately available for analysis.
  • Open-ended questions (hand-written comments) can also be coded to be analyzed later as multiple-choice questions.