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About Biosystèmes

Over 700 licenses on more than 600 sites in 50 countries worldwildeBIOSYSTEMES has been founded in 1985 and its goal is to develop IT solutions in the scientific and technical fields.
The primary application area is the food industry, where the company soon became one of the leaders on its main market, sensory analysis software, with the FIZZ software range.
But Biosystèmes has also developed its sales in other non-food areas (cosmetics, personal care, health care, chemistry...) and on other applications (laboratory instruments, biological process control).

BIOSYSTEMES has answered the needs of many users worldwide.
Over 900 FIZZ Licenses are used on over 700 client sites in 50 countries worldwide.


Our region

Vineyard in the Côte d'Or - Burgundy


Biosystèmes is established in Couternon, in the immediate vicinity of Dijon, capital of Burgundy.

Burgundy is a French region with strong gastronomic and cultural traditions and boasts a range of world famous food products, for example Dijon mustard, gingerbread, Charolais beef, and, last but not least, Burgundy wine. The strive for taste and sensory quality are essential in the production of the many food industries in the region.

Naturally Dijon has developed taste and sensory related research very early and offers one of the best scientific and technical environments in sensory and consumer science.