Free test layout

Generalities Session/Questionnaire design

The FIZZ solutions have been designed from the ground up to offer the user the following advantages:
  • total freedom in the design of the questionnaires,
  • modularity: reuse of the elements already built previously,
  • power and efficiency.

Page design

The FIZZ Network, FIZZ Portable, FIZZ Web and FIZZ Forms versions offer the same freedom for the design of screen pages or paper forms.

Examples of paper forms

A questionnaire is made of one or several sheets of paper containing the instructions and the tests.

Examples of screens as seen by the panelists

FIZZ Network, FIZZ Web and FIZZ Portable allow creating freely all types of sessions.
The screens presented are only a few examples showing the variety of the possible combinations, they are not always representative of a normalized practice of sensory analysis.
The questions could be split over several screens, or completed by other questions on other screens.