The FIZZ Web solution has been designed to put the most flexible and powerful tests you can imagine within the reach of the consumers Web browser. 
It is especially recommended whenever sensory or consumer tests are to be run outside the sensory laboratory, but an Internet connection and a Web browser are available.

The judge only needs to have a computer connected to the Internet. The test is started when clicking on the link contained in his invitation, or the link published on a Web site.

You may thus invite various people to your tests:

  • judges on another of your company sites,
  • judges from your internal panel, answering right from their desktop,
  • consumers answering from their home in Home Use Tests
  • or you can recruit consumer panels
  • ...

FIZZ Web can include the same powerful test design and data analysis tools as the other FIZZ solutions. The results and many other elements are compatible across all solutions. Furthermore, FIZZ Network and FIZZ Portable share identical test definitions, so you can use the same tests with all these versions.

A FIZZ Web license allows you to publish your tests on the Web:

  • on your own Web server where you have installed FIZZ Web Server,
  • on our dedicated FIZZ Web server, for a very reasonnable fee.

But you do not have to own a FIZZ Web license to benefit of its powerful features:

  • You have another FIZZ license? Prepare your test and transmit it to us including the judges' e-mail address list. For a very competitive rate we'll publish it and send you back the answers ready to be analyzed.
  • You do not own a FIZZ license yet? Provide us with the address list and the definition of your test and we'll prepare your test in FIZZ, publish it, and provide the results (plan an additional service charge for the preparation of the session in FIZZ, based on your definition).


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Working principle


After having built and verified your test on any FIZZ workstation, you publish it on the FIZZ Web Server from the FIZZ Web master station.
During the publication FIZZ Web generates automatically the links to the test (URL) placed in the invitation e-mails, or provides an URL link to be placed on a Web page. 

Answers to the test 

The judges just click on the link to load the test on their Web browser.
When they have finished answering, their answers are available on the Web server.

Follow-up and answer consolidation 

Connect to the FIZZ Web server any time from the FIZZ Web master PC to see which answers have been collected. Consolidate them all or select the ones you wish to consolidate: they will be transferred to the result files of the corresponding tests.
After the consolidation, the answers are available and ready to be analyzed on your FIZZ Web master PC or any other FIZZ workstation.


Sensodist: Remote difference tests through internet

Study of the reliability of sensory tests done with consumers at home and through the internet, using FIZZ Web

The study compares sensory test results between classical laboratory situations and self-administered tests done at home by consumers through the internet. The effects of test location, instruction language, and test complexity were studied. The laboratory tests were done using classical computerized sensory booths using FIZZ Network, while FIZZ Web was used for the tests through internet.
Results for France were presented at the 2009 Pangborn symposium in Firenze (Italy).
The global results of the study (for France, Italy, Madagascar and Vietnam) are presented by François Sorrentino on poster P1.8.22 at the 2011 Pangborn Symposium in Toronto (Canada).

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