FIZZ Portable

FIZZ Portable


The FIZZ Portable solution allows tests to be conducted anywhere, anytime. The data collection is done on independent computers and allows the same tests to be run at your main facility and anywhere else: home use test, mall tests, production lines, or remote testing facilities. This version is recommended in all cases where the data collection occurs on remote sites, or when mobility is required.

A test is sent to independent computers as a file (e-mail attachment for example). The tasters answer on screen using a mouse. The answers are sent back as a file (e-mail attachment for example) and consolidated.

FIZZ PortableFIZZ Portable includes the same design and data computation tools as all other FIZZ solutions. Furthermore, the sessions are identical to those in FIZZ Network.

FIZZ Portable has been designed to simplify as much as possible the distribution of the tests and the consolidation of the answers:

  • Simulation of the tests
  • Distribution of the tests
  • Running the tests
  • Sending back the answers
  • Consolidation of the answers
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Simulation of the FIZZ Portable tests

At the end of the test construction, and before distributing it, the user can simulate it on his workstation to verify how it works, its appearance, and the results collected. The results collected during the simulation may even be computed (statistics, graphs...) allowing a complete validation of the planned test.

Distribution of the tests

A test is directly distributed to the judges, the interviewers, or the panel leaders as a file: e-mail attachment, direct file copy, USB disk or stick...
FIZZ Portable allows defining the distribution mode to the different test computers: placement of the file into a given directory or drive (USB stick for example), or transmission as an e-mail attachment with the specification of the e-mail address.
During the test distribution, the user selects the test computers to which the test is to be sent. If it is an e-mail transmission the e-mail is created with its attachment and can be sent directly, or after having added instructions.

Running the tests

When the test is received, a simple double-click on the file starts the test and answers can be collected.
At the end of the test, one click allows to send back the answers. They are sent back as a file: e-mail attachment, direct file copy, Zip disk, floppy disk...

Consolidation of the answers

When the answer file is received, a double-click allows consolidating the answers and to be ready to compute them with FIZZ.

FIZZ Portable test examples

Here are a few examples of FIZZ Portable tests.

Before running them you need to download and install the FIZZ portable client further down. You can then clik on the link to the test you wish to run:

FIZZ Portable Client

FIZZ Portable Client Download