FIZZ Forms

FIZZ Forms


The FIZZ Forms solution uses paper forms. This solution needs little equipment (computer with printer and scanner) and, as no equipment at all is needed on the test location, it provides a great flexibility: sensory tests, home tests, mall tests...

The judges answer on paper forms printed out by the software. Their answers are collected automatically using a scanner with a document feeder.

FIZZ Forms includes the same design and data computation tools as all other FIZZ solutions.

FIZZ Forms has been designed to allow fast and efficient reading of the questionnaires:

  • Filling out the paper forms
  • Fast and efficient scanning
  • Error management
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Filling out the paper forms

Forms filling out


The use of the forms by the panelists is very simple. See also our form examples:

  • Check boxes may be marked in any way. If a check box is not empty it is considered as being marked.
  • Line scales must simply contain a pen stroke.
  • Number zones must contain numbers in digital format, like those appearing on a pocket calculator.


However panelists must have the opportunity to correct their answers. To that effect the software provides the following possibilities:

  • Check boxes: the panelist may fill another box darker. The densest box will be taken when reading the form.
  • Line scales: a thicker line may be drawn somewhere else on the scale. The thickest mark will be taken when reading the form.
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Fast and efficient scanning

The form definition allows FIZZ to know exactly where the information to be read is located on the form: check boxes, scales... The questionnaires may thus be read directly after printing and filling out, without any additional preparation.

The software reads the forms in one operation, and does not require the images to be stored before processing them. FIZZ requests a sheet from the scanner, finds the answers immediately, stores them, and moves on to the next sheet. This computation takes only a few milliseconds, so the scanning is done practically at the nominal speed of the scanner.

If the form contains a great number of sheets, exceeding the capacity of the sheet feeder, then FIZZ allows the operator to introduce the next stack of sheets and to resume the scanning directly.

FIZZ allows completing the scanning of a form at any time. Big surveys may thus be scanned as the questionnaires are received.

FIZZ allows using desktop scanners with an automatic sheet feeder. However we recommend using scanners designed for document management, which are generally faster.

The scanners supported by FIZZ allow reaching scanning speeds above 60 pages per minute. More regular scanners allow throughputs of 10 - 15 pages per minute.

Error management

Advanced error management is needed when using paper forms, because nothing guarantees the quality of the filling of the forms by the panelists:

  • They may have done corrections (multiple answers).
  • They may have forgotten answers.
  • The operator may have mixed questionnaires.

However a permanent presence of the operator should not be required. That is why the problems encountered are stored and the scanning report displayed at the end of the form reading process.
This scanning report indicates all problems encountered, together with the identification of the sheet concerned:

  • Missing answers.
  • Multiple answers: FIZZ indicates the answer taken.
  • Sheets not belonging to the questionnaire, and thus not processed.

The operator can then verify the corresponding sheets, do corrections if needed, and scan them again.